Vegan organic food in vogue at Biofach 2015

Olio Officina

SOURCE: BIOFACH – Seven million people in Germany lead a vegetarian way of life, 900,000 of them are vegans. BIOFACH in cooperation with VEBU, Berlin (D), is organizing the VEGAN World of Experience for the first time from 11-14 February 2015 in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg (Germany). About 100 manufacturers will present vegan organic products there. The World of Experience offers scope for talks with experts and B2B networking. The VEBU business team will be available with many experts on the veggie market to offer visitors marketing expertise. An overview of the current market situation and a look at the needs of the target group make the VEGAN World of Experience interesting for all those who ask themselves what customers with vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian lifestyles want from the market. Initiatives and organizations, including the Vegan Society of Birmingham (GB), present the diverse facets of a vegan life. Readings, a book lounge, panel discussions and brief presentations show the visitors the whole spectrum of vegan lifestyle and nutrition.

Vegan food is not only playing an increasing role in private kitchens and dining rooms. For example, a well-known American coffee chain has offered its customers a range of vegan snacks since 2014.There are meanwhile veggie restaurants in every medium-sized town.In Berlin alone there are currently 30 vegan catering firms compared with 12 in 2011. The number has more than doubled within three years.Similar developments can also be observed in other cities and communities all over Germany.There is also a growing interest in vegan food in bulk catering.The Sustainable Bulk Catering advisory platform of VEBU, provides regular advice for canteen cooks and caterers.More than 60 workshops and presentations have already been held in 2014.Andreas Schneider, Director Sustainable Bulk Catering:“Many examples show that the food offered changes on completion of training, when more vegetarian and vegan dishes are available for the guests.Our workshops attract a lot of interest:The demand for healthy veggie dishes is growing steadily.Sustainable Bulk Catering has more than ten training cooks and can offer training throughout Germany”.

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