Unesco Heritage for Zibibbo technique

Olio Officina

Yesterday the General Assembly of Unesco unanimously inscribed for the first time a grape cultivation technique used on the Sicilian island of Pantelleria in its renowned World Heritage list. The “alberello” cultivation of grapes on the island has, in fact, shaped the landscape over time, creating one of the most picturesque agricultural contexts in the world. A farming system used to grow Zibibbo grape variety that is precious for this volcanic island’s Passito wines and that, according to more than 180 member States, must be defended, protected and raised. The Assembly welcomed enthusiastically the entry of the Italian tecnique as Intangible and Cultural Heritage of Humanity. “From Pantelleria comes today a new recognition for Italy – said Vincenza Lo Monaco, permanent representative for Italy to Unesco – This milestone should be a further stimulus and an invitation, especially in view of the EXPO 2015, to strongly believe in the potential of our traditions in order to create sustainable development, relying on the production culture of our territories”.

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