Spanish olives increased exports in EU

Olio Officina

According to Spanish Customs (Aduanas), from January to September 2014 exports of Spanish olives to the European Union countries grew by 12.13%, reaching 113,410 tons. France increased its sales up to 20.3 million kilos (+ 21.19%). Italy grew by 26.4 million kilos (+ 13.45%), then followed Germany and the UK (10% each).

“This increase in sales performance can be considered the result of good management of promotional campaigns through the Interprofessional sector in France and the UK over the years” said Antonio de Mora, managing director of Asemesa.

On the international side Brazil stands out, with a strong increase of 347.68%. “The case of Brazil is due to cyclical reasons, as Argentina, which is the main supplier of table olives, had a bad harvest. Thus Brazil resorted to Spain to meet the demand,” concluded De Mora.

(Source: ASEMESA – ADUANAS, Direcciòn National de Aduanas)

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