Olive oil, the most digestible of oils

Exactly: extra-virgin olive oil is the most digestible of dietary fats. We should keep this in mind when choosing what to use for cooking or dressing our food. Many consumers however are often unaware of this undisputable fact.

Maria Carla Squeo

Olive oil, the most digestible of oils

Extra virgin olive oil is extremely digestible, but not many people are aware of this, and those who are, don’t stress this feature enough. It is strange that despite all the evidence, many consumers ignore this fact.

On the contrary, most people believe that oils extracted from seeds are lighter and more digestible, and brainwashed by years of advertising, think that by consuming it they will be jumping over fences, like acrobats in a circus. The truth is quite the opposite, but this only proves that somebody, on the other side, possesses extraordinary communication skills.

The digestibility of olive oils is far superior to that of all other dietary fats. If the reference value of olive oil digestibility is equal to 100, these are the values calculated for other vegetable oils.

Olive oils: 100
Sunflower oil: 83
Peanut oil: 81
Linseed oil: 79
Sesame oil: 57
Poppy seed oil: 48
Corn oil: 36

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