Olive oil excellence at Expo Milano 2015

Olio Officina

The olive is a sturdy tree that requires little care. It was soon domesticated and many varieties were improved with successive hybridizations and grafts. To bear fruit, the olive tree takes from five to fifteen years from its birth to become truly flourishing and does so only in the regions where the average annual temperature is between 16 and 22 ° C.

To turn the olives into oil, some people have resorted to extravagant methods. In Algeria, the olives are crushed with the feet, while in Corsica olives are crushed and placed in a bag from which the oil is extracted by twisting. Olive oils obtained in different historical and geographical areas are extremely varied, although the distinction between high quality oil and common oil is not new: it dates back to ancient Greece.

Many excellent products derived from this plant will be on display at Expo Milano 2015, in the Pavilions of countries from Lebanon to Morocco to Uruguay, in the spaces of the Region of Sicily and of course in Bio-Mediterraneum Cluster.

Press note: Expo Milano 2015

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