33 million Euro for Greeks’ peach and nectarine losses

Olio Officina

Direct compensation of 33 million Euro for Greek producers of peaches and nectarines was approved by the European Commission to compensate for loss of income in 2014 by the fall in prices caused by the war in Ukraine. The compensation will be paid according to the selling price of peaches and nectarines, and wil be based on a single application (IACS) 2014 for each producer, with clear and transparent manner.

The European Commission’s decision is the culmination of a long and painstaking effort made by the Minister of Agriculture, George Karasmanis, which started from July 16, 2014 who fully substantiate the claim for damages to items that proved the low producer prices for 2014 in main production regions of peaches and nectarines in relation to previous years.

According to the data they submitted to the European Commission 2/3 of production of 2014, i.e. 300,000 tn of about all 380,000 tn were sold at prices up to 75% lower than the last three years because of the war in Ukraine, the result of which was the Russian embargo.

In his statements. Karasmanis stated that, “the decision of the European Commission fully meet the basic demand of the Greek peach and nectarine producers to offset loss of income were a cause for which in any case were not responsible, guaranteeing their while the uninterrupted continuation of the crop for the coming years”.

Source: Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food

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