Olive oil market grows in the world

Olio Officina

At the close of the 2013/14 crop year (October 2013–September 2014), imports of olive oil and olive pomace oil showed a season-on-season increase in the cases of Canada (+10 pc), the United States (+5 pc), Japan (+4 pc) and Australia (+1 pc) and decreases for China (-15 pc) and Brazil (-2 pc). Data for Russia are only available up to April 2014, i.e. for the first seven months of the crop year, and reflect an increase of 8 pc in imports. Intra-EU imports recorded a season-on-season increase of 17 pc while extra-EU imports fell by 62 pc. This cumulative fall in extra-EU imports seems logical given the high level of Spain’s production in 2013/14.

Source: International Olive Council

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