The oil made by Roberta Maccioni

This is an oil that bears the hallmark of its place of origin, namely Montalbano, in Tuscany. It is made with the greatest care, and deserves to be tasted raw, drizzled over a variety of dishes, although it is also ideal for cooking

Luigi Caricato

The oil made by Roberta Maccioni

This extra virgin is called “Antico Colle Fiorito”, like the farm where it is made, and commands great respect in the kitchen, where it can be used both raw, as a dressing, and for cooking. A versatile, harmonious oil, it is ideal for various uses.

This organic extra virgin oil is obtained from Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoio and Pendolino olives, which are the most popular and common cultivars grown in Tuscany.

The oil is unclouded, green in colour, with golden hues. Its mildly intense fruitiness includes grassy notes reminiscent of cardoon and artichoke, which are typical of Tuscan oil. In the mouth it has a pleasant fluidness and the taste buds detect a and vegetable flavour, with a good balance of bitterness and pungency. The oil leaves a clear sensation of green almond, perhaps even a hint of walnut.

I can imagine it drizzled over a dish of bean and vegetable soup, but also grilled white meats or oven-baked fish. It possesses a remarkable personality. However, it neither prevails over the other ingredients nor creates any disharmony, hence its great versatility and variety of uses.

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