Expo, October 5: extra virgin olive oil a very italian passion

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Expo, October 5: extra virgin olive oil a very italian passion

The event will focus on the combination of traditional and innovative aspects of extra virgin olive oil.

The speakers will offer an exciting wualk in the world of extra virgin olive oil from the production to marketing, from cultural to health values of this product.

Extra virgin olive oil a very italian passion

Chair: Maria Chiara Zerbi

18.00 Chair

18.15 Cristina Capineri, Extravirgin olive oil and landscape in Tuscany

18.30 Anna Trono, Challenges of landscape and extra virgin olive oil in Puglia

18.45 Cesare Buonamici, The production of high quality extravirgin olive oil for better healthy standards.

19.00 Luigi Caricato , What is so special about Italian oil?

19.30 Greco Pantaleo, Dalla tradizione all’innovazione: le nuove frontiere dell’olivicoltura salentina

19. 45Giovanni Melcarne, Olio Extravergine di oliva nel Salento e problematiche legate a xylella fastidiosa

20.00 Olive oil tasting

LOCATION: Padiglione Italia – Aula Magna, Expo 2015, Milan, Italy

Photo by WHS: Francesco Buccarelli e Alberto Caroppo

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