Something new

Luigi Caricato

Is it still possible to invent something new? To amend and remodel existing things and ideas, or possibly even to radically reformulate them?
I believe it is. Innovation runs after us and we cannot escape our fate. It is in our DNA, on the other hand, to strive to conquer the highest aims. Step by step we slowly progress, and it would be against our nature to keep on replicating our past, saying the same words and doing the same things, over and over again.

Not all of us however are capable of conceiving novelty. We all evoke innovation, as if it were some necessity without which our life would have no meaning, but for most people, these are just words, empty slogans.
We want innovation, but at the same time are afraid of it, of the baggage of uncertainty it carries, and we often doubt that we will be ready or bold enough to face it.

Even the word “new” is rather ambiguous. Everybody appreciates new things, but when it is time to do something new, they all disappear…
Think about making some changes, bringing something new to your life, and if you are up to it, brace yourself for the challenge. Don’t bury your head in the sand. We can all aspire to bringing changes to our world, inventors and innovators aren’t necessarily exceptional, outstanding persons. All you need is an idea, and finding the energy hidden inside each and every one of us to make it come true.

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