ProWein 2017, Düsseldorf: Pinot grigio as ambassador for Doc Venezia

The Consorzio Vini Venezia, which groups 1,800 producers, 200 wineries, the two Docg denominations of Lison and Malanotte del Piave, and the three Doc denominations of Lison-Pramaggiore, Piave and Venezia, is the identity card of this important producers’ organisation

Olio Officina

ProWein 2017, Düsseldorf: Pinot grigio as ambassador for Doc Venezia

As usual, this year the Consorzio Vini Venezia will attend Prowein 2017, with 15 wineries which will promote the wines of the five denominations, DOC Lison-Pramaggiore, Piave and Venezia, DOCG Lison and Malanotte del Piave. It will also be an opportunity to present some of the association’s activities in the city of Venice and its hinterland. To do so the Consorzio is organising an informative workshop that will present a new project regarding DOC Venezia that will make important modifications, with particular reference to new rosé and sparkling versions of Pinot grigio (Pinot gris). With ten million bottles a year, Pinot gris is one of the most important DOC Venezia wines.

This will also be an occasion to present the book Il vino nella storia di Venezia (“Wine in the History of Venice”) a work edited by Carlo Favero and written by illustrious university professors from Milan, Padua and Venice as well as many of the territory’s professionals and historians. The book deals with an important project to monitor, identify through DNA and restore the old vines surviving in the city of Venice and its Lagoon, a huge effort made with the cooperation of the Conegliano Experimental Institute of Viticulture and professor Attilio Scienza of Milan University. All these restored vines and varieties have been planted in two vineyards, one on the island of Torcello and one on a piece of land belonging to the Barefoot Carmelites in the heart of the city of Venice.

The Consorzio will also present Bio Venezia, the new organic produce cluster, established at ! the end of 2016 to group enterprises of fruit and vegetable growers, milk and cheese dairies, butchers and wine makers, which alone contribute ten producers with an area of over 800 hectares. We hope we have awakened your interest and aroused your curiosity. We would be very happy to meet you at our stand during the trade fair, where we will be at your disposal for further details. (Sofia Biancolin)

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