The designation of origin Oil of Mallorca will participate at the World Olive Oil Exhibition with a selection of its best olive oils

Special report on the WOOE, with interviews. Sebastià Solivellas i Salvà, president of the DO Oil of Mallorca exclusively reveals to us some of the sector’s keys in the Balearic Island.

Olio Officina

– Extra virgin olive oil production from the designation of origin Oil of Mallorca is unique, therefore, we ask, which are the most characteristic aspects of this product?

The influence from the sea that surrounds us and the balanced weather conditions give a truly distinctive personality to our EVOOs. These facts together with the small size of our olive groves, that allows the olive grower a greater care and control of production, result in high quality extra virgin olive oils.

– Which do you consider the main challenges for the future of the designation of origin Oil of Mallorca?

The Regulatory Council was created fifteen years ago with an aim to maintaining the old olive plantation of Serra de Tramuntana –designated World Heritage Site by UNESCO–, as well as reclaiming its crops, which were very important in pre-touristic Mallorca.

To achieve our EVOOs to be known and valued far beyond the Balearic Islands will encourage our producers to continue with the recovery and conservation of Mallorca’s traditional olive-growing landscape.

– What are the objectives of the Regulatory Council of the DO Oil of Mallorca while taking part at an international trade fair such as the WOOE?

There are still a lot of people who are surprised that olive oil is been produced in Mallorca; although it has always been made here and it has even been an important pillar of our economy.

We are a relatively young designation of origin, with a small production compared to the peninsular Spanish productions. However, we gather more than 900 olive growers, 25 packers and 13 olive mills; and they are all doing a great job, which we intend to highlightat fairs such as the WOOE.

– Tourism was a key factor in order to recover the olive oil production in Mallorca; currently, how important are exportations and tourism for the survival of olive oil?

Tourists who come to Mallorca are not only looking for beach and sun; they also value our agricultural landscape and our gastronomy. They visit our olive groves, they taste our EVOO and a large majority brings it back home and, then, they keep an eye out for it in their countries.

– Which importing countries do you think are going to play a significant role for the DO Oil of Mallorca in 2017?

Following the trend set in recent years, Germany, Central Europe and Japan will continue to be of great importance.

– Have you been able to look up the WOOE tasting sessions & conference program? Are there any that you find particularly interesting?

I am curious about the tasting sessions of New World olive oils, as well as what Doctor Javier Paulino might say regarding the impact of EVOO polyphenols on health.

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