Evooleum 2018

Published by Mercacei, the second edition of the Guide presents the World's Best 100 extra virgin olive oils, recognized at the Evooleum Awards, international prizes for quality in extra virgin olive oil, organized by Aemo, Spanish Association of Olive municipalities, and Mercacei

Olio Officina

Evooleum 2018

The 2018 edition of the EVOOLEUM World’s TOP 100 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Guide -which is printed in English and Spanish and has its own app, available in the coming days- introduces the exclusive TOP100 EVOOs, or in other words, the best 100 extra virgin olive oils in the world, according to the results obtained in the first edition of the EVOOLEUM Awards, International Prizes for Quality in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, organized by AEMO and Mercacei. A competition that, in addition to standing out for its absolute rigor and reliability, it boasts having the most spectacular jury, or tasting panel, that currently exists, and possibly the best group of international tasters never before gathered.

With a brand new and spectacular design by Cabello x Mure, the EVOOLEUM Guide 2018 is a reference tool for consumers worldwide, professionals in the olive oil sector -producers and packagers, brokers, buyers and distributors,- the Horeca Channel and, in general, for all those people who want to discover or delve deeper into the exciting world of EVOOs.

Prefaced by the world’s most influential chef, José Andrés, this publication includes a complete fact sheet for each of the 100 extra virgins (score obtained in the contest, its olive varietal(s), the location of the olive grove, the producer’s contact information, quality certifications, etc…), accompanied by a picture of the bottle and detailed tasting notes describing the organoleptic characteristics of the juice and suggested food pairings. Thus, it includes many interesting contents about the art of olive oil tasting, international olive-growing, olive varieties, EVOO and gastronomy, the best olive stores around the world, EVOO and health, an olive oil dictionary, etc…

New this year. Beyond the renewed design, the 2018 edition of the EVOOLEUM Guide boasts some new features: more symbols and interpretive icons in order to enrich the information of each EVOO, more popular articles written by prestigious olive oil experts…

Furthermore, the Guide also includes the 9 EVOOs that have won the Packaging EVOOLEUM Awards in the categories of Best Design EVOO Premium, Best Innovative Design and Best Design In Retail, and are given a specific and differentiated spotlight, thus recognizing the important creative revolution that has come about in this sector in the last few years. A pioneering contest in its genre whose jury -composed by fashion celebrities- certainly lives up to the magnificent containers that dress the best EVOOs in the world.

As well as the first edition, the EVOOLEUM 2018 World’s TOP 100 Extra Virgin Olive Oils Guide will be available at quality points of sale -bookstores and department stores, gourmet shops- and the Horeca Channel.

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