Books to feed the mind

1) Juice of the olive. Guide to the knowledge of olive oils, from production to responsible consumption. 2) The human face of olive oil. 3) Olive oil tasting and pairing manual

Olio Officina

Books to feed the mind

Various authors, Succo di olive. Guida ragionata alla conoscenza degli oli, dalla produzione al consumo consapevole [Juice of the olive. Guide to the knowledge of olive oils, from production to responsible consumption], Olio Officina; pp. 256; language: Italian

With an approach that combines the popular and the scientific, in the twelve chapters that make up this volume, editors Giovanni Lercker, Luigi Caricato, Stefano Cerni and Lorenzo Cerretani tackle everything that is known about olive oils, focusing on tasting techniques and sensory analysis of foodstuffs for olive oil pairings.

Daniela Marcheschi, Il volto umano dell’olio [The human face of olive oil], Olio Officina; pp. 48; language: Italian

Three multidisciplinary essays, based on an original interweaving of knowledge – from anthropology to literature, from history via philology to philosophy – in which olive trees and oil are described not only as fruits of the earth, but also as vital nodes used by Man to tame Nature and on which to base his existence and culture over the millennia.

Marino Uceda Ojeda, María Paz Aguilera Herrera, Isabel Mazzucchelli, Manual de cata y maridaje del aceite de oliva [Olive oil tasting and pairing manual], Almuzara; pp. 160; language: Spanish

An essential text containing simple, accurate information, understandable even to non-olive oil experts, with useful hints on tasting and on how to match the diverse varieties of extra-virgin olive oil with different foodstuffs.

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