Bari, SISSG 2018: Oils and Fats, Quality and Authenticity, Technologies and by products

SISSG is back to Bari! 58 years ago, within the frame of the 5th Scientific Congress on the Study of Fats ans Oils, SISSG was founded; this year, SISSG, will organize in Bari the Congress

Olio Officina

Bari, SISSG 2018: Oils and Fats, Quality and Authenticity, Technologies and by products

That will take place on October, 18th-19th, 2018, hosted in the “Salone degli Affreschi “ of the University of Bari.

Several sessions will be organised:

Edible oils and Fats Contaminants

Keynote 3-MCPD K. Hrncirik, MOSH & MOAH, S. Moret)

Lipids and Bakery Products

Olive Oil chain production by products

Keynote title to be announced F. Caponio

Alternative lipid sources

Shelf life

Keynote Shelf life M.C. Nicoli, Best before date T. Gallina Toschi

Innovation in Olive Oil extraction technology

Keynote title to be announced Riccardo Amirante

Analytic and Authenticity

Keynote title to be announced C. Mariani

Young researchers award

Three complimentary registration are available for young researchers (

The winners will also receive one years of complimentary membership to SISSG (involving reduced fees for registration at SISSG and EFL Symposium) and an one year complimentary subscription to “La Rivista Italiana delle Sostanze Grasse”.

Congress Languages

Official languages will be Italian and English and simultaneous translation will be provided.

Congress Dinner

The Congress dinner will take place at Teatro Petruzzelli, a contribute of 20 Euros is required, to be payed at registration.


The Congress had obtained the patronage of IOC.

Sponsor and Table exhibition

Some spaces for sponsors table exibition are available outside of the conference hall

For communication, Abstract submission and registration, please write to:

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