The Council of Members of the IOC in Morocco

Olio Officina

The 109 session of the Council of Members will take place in Marrakech between 17 and 21 June 2019. The Council of Members will be chaired by His Excellence Ezzedine Abu Steit, the Egyptian Minister of Agriculture, Chair of the International Olive Council for 2019.

The work begins on 17 June at 9am at the Palm Plaza Hotel in Marrakech, with the meetings of the Administrative and Financial Affairs Committee; the Economy and Promotion Committee and the Observatory, the Chemistry and Standardisation Committee; and the Technology and Environment Committee. On 20 June, a seminar will present the challenges and perspectives of the olive sector (HERE).

The session will finish on 21 June with the plenary sitting. On 22 June, the Moroccan authorities have invited participants to a guided technical visit to the experimental station at INRA, where the Marrakech international collection of olive varieties can be found, as well as the extraction unit of the “Domaine Soprolive”.

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