Extra-Virgin Oils hit the markets

The Art and Science of Blending.The new issue of OOF International Magazine, summer 2018. Only for you, here is a preview of the table of contents including all articles

Olio Officina

Extra-Virgin Oils hit the markets

Quarterly magazine, summer 2018, year 2, issue 5

Index 05

Artists for oil 

Portraits in oil, by Gianfranco Maggio 

Editorial. The gnosiological aspect of blending, by Luigi Caricato 

An homage to Francesco Sannicandro 

Looking up the word blend, blending, miscela, taglio, by Daniela Marcheschi 

To blend or not to blend. Is that the problem?, by Anna Cane

Interview to Carmen Cristina de Toro Navero. Three fundamental points: quality, innovation and profitability, by Luigi Caricato 

Interview to Lanfranco Conte. The chemo-physical aspects of blending, by Luigi Caricato 

The ten+one commandments of a good blend

Interviews. All questioning around the blend

Luciano Sabatini, Costa d’Oro 

Paolo Rocchi, Oleificio Rocchi 

Zefferino Monini, Monini 

Federico Santagata, Santagata 1907 

Daniele Piacenti, Salov 

Marcello Scoccia, Olitalia 

Giovanni Zucchi, Oleificio Zucchi 

Chiara Del Vecchio, Palazzo di Varignana 

Dora Desantis, Agridè

Fabrizio Fusi, Castel del Chianti e Fiorentini Firenze

Francisco J. Martín de Prado, Martín de Prado

Giovanni Turri, Fratelli Turri 

Interviews to Graziana Grassini, Francesco Iacono, Enrico Rana. The other blends. The wine 

Interview to Domenico Avolio. Blending Champagne, by Luigi Caricato 

Blend pride. Oils of the world, come together! 

The blending experience, by Maria Carla Squeo 

A blend is no closed formula. A blend is a continuous reinvention, by Nicola Pantaleo 

The top ten of the most important articles (according to us) with reference to the blends. Rankings, selection by Lorenzo Cerretani 

The top five of scientific articles related to the importance of blends in some foods. Rankings, selection by Lorenzo Cerretani 

Forum olio & ristorazione. Oil in the restaurant, by Maria Carla Squeo 

Forum olio & ristorazione. Training, training, training, by Giuseppe Capano 

Olio Officina

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