A Brief History of the Quantum Paradigms in Psychopathology

In the past few years, quantum-psychological and quantum-neurodynamical ideas have provided alternative hypotheses  concerning the genesis and nature of mental illness. Starting in 2012, every year an interdisciplinary group of scientists has been meeting in various locations in Italy to provide presentations on recent advances in this field  and engage in vigorous scientific debates

Massimo Cocchi, Jack Tuszynski

I forget why I eat and I forget because I eat

Metabolic health also requires a good memory. A study coordinated by the Institute of biomolecular chemistry of the Cnr describes a functional alteration of the neuronal circuit that regulates episodic memory in a mouse model of obese subjects. This circuit links neurogenesis during obesity and can influence decision-making processes, including those related to food choices, from an early age. The study is published in Nature Communications

The National Research Council - Italy

International Symposium on olive oil & health

The the third international Yale symposium and IV congress of olive oil and health will turn Jaén into a world benchmark in research on the olive sector. The Executive Secretariat of the International Olive Oil Council will follow and disseminate the results of the work of these international events

Olio Officina

The Front-of-Pack-Labeling "Nutriscore" system? Misleads consumers and penalises extra virgin olive oil

The EAC, the Association of Cretan Exporters, is taking the field and strongly disapproving. The algorithm, which assesses only part of each nutritional profile, does not actually consider the overall quality of each food or ingredient. A striking example of this misleading mechanism? Extra virgin olive oil, a natural food with a scientifically proven high health value, falls into category 'C', while processed foods and soft drinks paradoxically appear healthier, falling into a higher category ('B' or even 'A')

Alkiviadis Kalabokis, Emmanouil Karpadakis

Jellyfish, a sustainable seafood?

The Institute of Sciences of Food Production of the National Research Council of Italy and Cnr Edizioni released the book European Jellyfish Cookbook - New perspectives on marine food resources: researchers and international chefs will both lead public towards a new perception of these fascinating creatures as a possible new food resource

The National Research Council - Italy

Olive Health Information System

The project aims to provide users with a regularly updated database, giving them access to the latest research, including technical documents as well as more accessible content written in simple language

Olio Officina

Why should we demonize palm oil?

For a number of years now a defamatory campaign has been taking place against palm oil. The main accusation made is that it is one of the causes of child obesity. Objections have also been raised on the environmental impact of palm tree plantations. These claims, stirred up by mass media ravenously seeking scoops more than concrete facts, are provoking an emotional response from which we should steer away. We have often witnessed, throughout the years, the debunking of many so-called facts, which as such greatly influenced the consumption of certain foods. Before demonizing a certain oil, we should take into due account all the complex relationships that exist among its components

Giovanni Lercker, Massimo Cocchi

The definition of smoke point

Nowadays, the concept of smoke point is considered outdated, but in the past, it was considered a key parameter for frying, and despite everything, it is still taken into account. But what exactly is it? And what are the best oils for cooking?

Luigi Caricato

Why so much talking about anti-oxidants?

At present, available scientific evidence have not allowed to prove the superiority of extra virgin olive oil with respect to other vegetal fats beyond any reasonable doubt, yet. Still, it looks like the role of it in the Mediterranean diet is probably more complex than it was believed so far

Francesco Visioli

A holistic view of oil

Nourishment for the body and soul. We tend to consider olive oil as something we use with our food. But it is not so: oil can change our approach to life

Maria Carla Squeo

The fats to avoid

What fats should never be used for frying? Our choice of oil is often dictated by habit, and we risk using products that are not suitable for cooking at high temperatures. Many believe that when it comes to frying, all fats are the same, but it is not so.

Maria Carla Squeo

Olive juice is a heart saver

The use of extra virgin olive oil outside the traditional Mediterranean diet had never been investigated before the epidemiological study carried out by PREDIMED. This investigation reveals that, even alone, extra virgin olive oil can protect our heart, and that the reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease does not depend on its combination with a Mediterranean diet.

Guido Balestra

Olive oil, the most digestible of oils

Exactly: extra-virgin olive oil is the most digestible of dietary fats. We should keep this in mind when choosing what to use for cooking or dressing our food. Many consumers however are often unaware of this undisputable fact.

Maria Carla Squeo

The best dietary fat

“Why olive oil is the best and healthy dressing and cooking”, a group on facebook highlights the high nutritional and health value of oils from olives

Massimo Occhinegro

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