Made from cooked grape must, Agresto is a sweet, dense vinegar, with a strong acidulous note. This sweet and sour condiment was known and used in Ancient Rome and it continued to be popular in Medieval times. In all of those territories where grapes were grown, it was used to flavor meats and vegetables or as the main ingredient in more elaborate sauces

Olio Officina

The 2016 Olio Officina Festival

The first of many postcards that will be issued from now until next January, to promote this great event. We are getting ready for the fifth edition of the festival, and many are its novelties: the theme (Avant-garde: the oil of the future), the logo, more modern and stylized, and the elimination of the word “Food” from the name of the festival

Maria Carla Squeo

The oil made by Roberta Maccioni

This is an oil that bears the hallmark of its place of origin, namely Montalbano, in Tuscany. It is made with the greatest care, and deserves to be tasted raw, drizzled over a variety of dishes, although it is also ideal for cooking

Luigi Caricato

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Oil is good for the skin

It’s good, it’s good. The good thing about olive oil is that it is rapidly and completely absorbed by the skin. Unlike other vegetable oils that only act as moisturizers, olive oil also has nourishing properties. We should therefore re-acknowledge the benefits of dousing our skin with oil. As occurred during the Olio Officina Food Festival

Luigi Caricato

Salutaris Olive Oil

The Buonamici family has a farm in Fiesole, Tuscany, on the hills surrounding Florence. Their mission is to achieve quality, and the result of their work is an extra virgin olive oil with a high content of natural antioxidants and vitamin E

Luigi Caricato

Beauty oil

Oil made from olives, and extra virgin oil in particular, has a great appeal for the cosmetic industry. It is therefore present in many beauty creams and products. This is a good sign. We must pay great attention to the label however, because what really matters is the percentage at which it is present.

Luigi Caricato