Milan, capital city of oil

What's going to happen at the next Olio Officina Food Festival, which will be held in the year of the Expo? This meeting will take place at the Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan, Italy, from January 22 to 24, 2015. A vast and remarkable array of events, some of which are presented below, before the more detailed, official programme is released.

Maria Carla Squeo

Oil and seduction

Preserving beauty and slowing down the aging process. From your granny's home remedies to present-day science, the components of extra virgin olive oil have always been considered precious assets. The 2015 Olio Officina Food Festival will focus on this issue. Meanwhile, a preview.

Angela Colli

A glass of good wine can help

In the past, wine was refused to young people, because it would only serve to add “fire to fire”, and this “burning energy” would only hinder them in everyday life. Plato too believed that boys should abstain from all use of wine until they reached the age of eighteen. Nowadays we all agree that drinking with moderation is the best solution.

Luigi Caricato

Strangozzi & Meatballs by Lidia Bastianich

This is one of the most popular and recognized Italian dishes in America that is not eaten in Italy. Strange, you might say, but it is a dish that evolved from the kitchens of the early Italian immigrants in America. It has become one of the favorite recipes in Lidia’s Family Table. Here in America meat was abundant, unlike in Italy, so on Sunday the day of families gathering at the table, the sauce for the strangozzi was enriched with meatballs. What more can I say, except for mangia!

Olio Officina

Oil nourishes love

It's a revolution in the language, which calls into question the idea that each of us has of olive oil. A syncretism of languages and styles that is renovating the entire sector, spurring us to reconsider and reassess the role of extra virgin olive oil

Maria Carla Squeo

Sophia Loren turns 80

The Italian screen icon recently revealed, with her usual spontaneity and naturalness, that the secret of her health and dazzling looks is the Mediterranean diet and its key ingredient, olive oil, which she often rubs into her skin to keep her complexion glossy and moisturized.

Olio Officina

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100% Grignano olives

An extra virgin oil made only with Grignano olives. This single-variety oil deserves to be better known: it is made from olives grown in Nesente Valpantena, a village near Verona famous for the quality of its crops. The producers are Giovanni Salvagno and his family.

Maria Carla Squeo