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Wine deserves our respect

According to poet Maurizio Cucchi, the excess of philologism that we are currently witnessing, in the long run becomes deceitful; after all, we eat and drink because otherwise we would not survive. Wine cannot be trivialised by passing fads. It entails a certain initiation

Olio Officina

With regard to sweet oil

Michele Labarile

Olive juice

A guide to olive oils, from their production to their wise use. A polyphonic volume featuring multiple voices and opinions. Here you will find everything you need to know, explained in a simple, yet rigorously scientific language

Carlotta Baltini Roversi

The price no longer

Luigi Caricato

Usa invests in bioenergy development

Olio Officina

Beyond the label

Luigi Caricato

Bactrocera oleae

You cannot judge a book by its cover. Proof of love proves something. Did you have the chance of admiring the work of biologist, engraver and art editor Luciano Ragozzino at the Olio Officina Food Festival? As for what they are up to... Nature and the farmers know only too well

Nicola Dal Falco

New perspectives for agriculture

Olio Officina

Split, VIII International Olive Symposium

Olio Officina

International olive council: spectrophotometric investigation in the ultraviolet foreword

The method describes the procedure for performing a spectrophotometric examination of olive oil in the ultraviolet region

Olio Officina

Who tastes, who?

Lorenzo Cerretani

Oil and the female body

An unpublished work by poet Guido Oldani, an autographed copy of which is now available with the Olio Officina almanac, celebrates olives, oil and women. The public attending the festival had the opportunity of listening to the poet reading a sonnet of great fascination and candour

Olio Officina

Trends in US imports of bulk and packaged olive oil

Olio Officina

World market for olive oil and table olives

Olio Officina

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Germany and global trade in fruit and vegetables

Olio Officina

US grants $16 million for food production

Olio Officina

EU facilitates Tunisian exports of olive oil

Olio Officina

Atlas of Italian oils

This book, the latest by Luigi Caricato, is printed by Mondadori, the most important publishing house in Italy. This illustrated volume analyzes Italy region by region, and also contains a chapter devoted to the 100 most representative oils of our country. The atlas was first launched at the 2015 Olio Officina Food Festival in Milan and will be released on February 1st

Olio Officina

Caressing the palate

Nicola Lagioia

Erotic oil, signature cartoons

Ten different descriptions of the erotic soul of olive oil. Valerio Marini’s approach, unique and original as usual, is neither irreverent nor vulgar

Valerio Marini