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A world ablaze

Alfonso Pascale

The vineyards in Copertino castle

Countless Negroamaro grapevines line the terraces and bastions of the Angevin castle in Copertino. The authors of this little miracle are oenologist Pizzolante Leuzzi and the president of the local wine cooperative. Ancient documents indicate that in the past, the walls and trenches of the castle were used as roof gardens, and were the home of olive groves and vineyards.

Rita de Bernart

New steps forward on rules of origin worldwide

Olio Officina

Bad year for Croatian olive oil

Olio Officina

Olive oil boom of imports from Spain

Olio Officina

Organic crops spread in Andalusia

Olio Officina

We are here

Luigi Caricato

The sensual pleasure of wine

Inebriation is close to eroticism, drunkenness to pornography. Have you read I Drink Therefore I am: A Philosopher's Guide to Wine, by Roger Scruton? This exquisite work introduces the reader to the secret soul of wines. Thoughts race, feelings break free and words dance away. Even in silence. Because it is the inner voice that speaks.

Paola Cerana

The human side of wine

Let's know the winners of the 33rd Masi Prize, a unique marriage between wine, culture and true values. Because culture points the way to a new understanding amongst peoples that can also lead to a brighter economic future.

Monica Sommacampagna

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Oil wrestling

Do you know about oil wresting tournaments? In Turkey yağlı güreş is a national sport.

Olio Officina

From Wyoming a success in water enhancement

Olio Officina

A wreath of olive branches on the UN flag

Did you ever notice that the emblem depicted on the flag of the United Nations, in white on a light blue background, includes olive tree branches, symbolizing peace?

Carlotta Baltini Roversi