"Germogli", art installation by Marcantonio

To celebrate the Second Life concept, Natuzzi Italia entrusted artist and designer with an evocative and evocative installation in the courtyard of Palazzo Durini Caproni di Taliedo, which houses the brand's Milan showroom. The ideal goal is to involve all visitors in the spirit of the Circle of Harmony, a crossroads of experiences, suggestions and creative blending

Olio Officina

Mechanics of the infinitely small: NanoGear, towards a molecular gear

Oscillatory and rotational motions of different parts are combined in a newly conceived artificial  molecule, paving the way for the construction of devices capable of transforming and transmitting  movements on the nanometer scale. The nanodevice was designed, synthesized and tested by a team of  researchers of the University of Bologna led by Massimo Baroncini and Alberto Credi. This is a result of  the Center for Light Activated Nanostructures (Clan), a joint laboratory between the University and Cnr Isof in Bologna. The study is published by the prestigious journal Chem 

The National Research Council - Italy

All our publications in English

For those who do not live in Europe and live in other continents, it' s possible to read our renowned OOF International Magazine in its browsable digital version

Olio Officina

The real olive oil and rural authenticity in adverse conditions

How do you manage to sell olive oil and wine at a price that is economically sustainable but cannot possibly be competitive with rapidly descending supermarket prices? For us the strategy is conservation, diversification, outreach and a lot of hard work

Charlotte Horton

Trophée Premium "Volubilis Extra-Vierge Maroc 2020"

 Top Ten  des Meilleures Huiles d’Olive Extra-Vierge du Maroc

Olio Officina

60 years of extra-virgin. Oil of the peoples

The new issue of OOF International Magazine. Only for you, here is a preview of the table of contents including all articles

Olio Officina

Olive Oil-based recipes. Vinegar-based recipes

The new issue of OOF International Magazine. Only for you, here is a preview of the table of contents including all articles

Olio Officina

Announcing the launch of Oliocentrico a magazine for olive oil aficionados

Lovers of the pure juice of pressed olives will now have a monthly publication to look forward to, from Olio Officina, wholly focussed on olive oil tastings. It’s made up of various different sections, with pride of place going to its reviews of the finest extra-virgin olive oils from Italy and elsewhere. It’s the world’s only magazine entirely dedicated to the many sensory qualities of different olive oils

Olio Officina

The biography of olive trees

Olive grove world. The new issue of OOF International Magazine. Only for you, here is a preview of the table of contents including all articles

Olio Officina

The mill and the sea

Many may find the mill/sea association unusual and probably a bit pushed too. Yet, it has wellestablished sense and history in southern Italy. Many of those who made a living fishing in hot months of the year had to find different jobs in autumn and winter

Maria Carla Squeo

Olive Tree in the Mediterranean Area

A Mirror of the Tradition and the Biotechnological Innovation. This book could be interesting for the nursery industry (entrepreneurs which propagate plants), agrobiotechnological industry (commercial laboratories for producing in vitro microplants), cosmetic industry related to growing demand of natural products or food industry (polyphenols –antioxidants- as natural stabilizers of foods)

Olio Officina

When oil meets food

The pairing rules, a sensorial voyage exploring different ingredients. The new issue of OOF International Magazine, spring 2018. Only for you, here is a preview of the table of contents including all articles

Olio Officina

Books to feed the mind

1) Juice of the olive. Guide to the knowledge of olive oils, from production to responsible consumption. 2) The human face of olive oil. 3) Olive oil tasting and pairing manual

Olio Officina

Christmas at the Mill

On Christmas Day, December 25th, especially in the past, when olives harvesting lasted until January or longer, olive oil mills were in the middle of oil production and often celebrated while working 24/7, uninterruptedly. Some olive oil mills still work on Christmas Day and people can still make a toast with friends, exactly the way they used to do in the past, sometimes with bruschetta seasoned with freshly-pressed oil

Maria Carla Squeo

The Olive Tree Genome

The book - edited by Eddo Rugini, Luciana Baldoni, Rosario Muleo and Luca Sebastiani - gives an introductory overview on genetics, genomics and growing of olive trees. These enduring and multifunctional trees are relevant not only for table and oil olives production, but also for the landscape and history of rural areas

Olio Officina

Extra virgin animals

Did you really think that in times like ours, dominated by ethical relativism, there could be no contamination between creatures of different species? Cartoonist Valerio Marini will show you how this is possible, in an original and intriguing series of pictures on this subject.

Valerio Marini

The metaphor of the drop of oil

The workshop devoted to building the “nests” that won the Nidificare i Paduli (i.e. Nesting in the Paduli park) contest was a truly unforgettable experience. Enclosed is a gallery of the pictures taken during those days.

Laboratorio Urbano Aperto

Oil makes us more pleasant

Exactly: a spoonful a day makes us more pleasant, but only if it is olive oil. Trust Nobuo Nishimura, Japanese author and editor. Back in 1964, when it was still virtually unknown outside our country, he organized a course on Italian cuisine for Japanese chefs and teachers.

Felice Modica

The various meaning of the word territory

The word territory derives from terrae torus, literally ‘bed made of land’, and it originally indicated the land that ancient peoples took possession and delimited. The Romans were the first to apply a legal framework to a community of people taking possession of areas of land with regere fines or “drawing the borders”. Throughout the ages technical and experimental knowlwdge was passed down the generations and slowly agriculture was born

Alfonso Pascale

Wine deserves our respect

According to poet Maurizio Cucchi, the excess of philologism that we are currently witnessing, in the long run becomes deceitful; after all, we eat and drink because otherwise we would not survive. Wine cannot be trivialised by passing fads. It entails a certain initiation

Olio Officina

Olive juice

A guide to olive oils, from their production to their wise use. A polyphonic volume featuring multiple voices and opinions. Here you will find everything you need to know, explained in a simple, yet rigorously scientific language

Carlotta Baltini Roversi

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Bactrocera oleae

You cannot judge a book by its cover. Proof of love proves something. Did you have the chance of admiring the work of biologist, engraver and art editor Luciano Ragozzino at the Olio Officina Food Festival? As for what they are up to... Nature and the farmers know only too well

Nicola Dal Falco

Oil and the female body

An unpublished work by poet Guido Oldani, an autographed copy of which is now available with the Olio Officina almanac, celebrates olives, oil and women. The public attending the festival had the opportunity of listening to the poet reading a sonnet of great fascination and candour

Olio Officina

Atlas of Italian oils

This book, the latest by Luigi Caricato, is printed by Mondadori, the most important publishing house in Italy. This illustrated volume analyzes Italy region by region, and also contains a chapter devoted to the 100 most representative oils of our country. The atlas was first launched at the 2015 Olio Officina Food Festival in Milan and will be released on February 1st

Olio Officina

Erotic oil, signature cartoons

Ten different descriptions of the erotic soul of olive oil. Valerio Marini’s approach, unique and original as usual, is neither irreverent nor vulgar

Valerio Marini

A special postal marking for oil

Poste Italiane will be present at the fourth Olio Officina Food Festival. All stamp collectors can have their mail cancelled with a special postal marking devoted to the culture of olive oil. Whoever is unable to attend this event can request the cancellation at the Post Office’s philatelic bureau during the following sixty days.

Olio Officina

Oil on four screens

At the Olio Officina Food Festival in Milan there will be a sensory room where one can experience the vivid emotions that arise when visiting an olive grove and mill.

Olio Officina

Sommariva’s hundredth birthday

100 is a large number. One hundred are the years that have passed since Domenico Sommariva established in 1915 his famous olive farm and mill in the plain of Albenga. Quality and culture are the key elements recurring throughout its history, a century devoted to olive oil.

Olio Officina

The human dimension of oil

According to an illustrious Italian anthropologist, olives and their oil are not only “fruit” of the land, but over the millenniums have become symbols of many key aspects of the life of Man.

Daniela Marcheschi