Olive Oil-based recipes. Vinegar-based recipes

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Olio Officina

Olive Oil-based recipes. Vinegar-based recipes


Artists for oil, by Simone Altamura

Portraits in oil Stars at the Forum Olio & Ristorazione 2019, photo by Gianfranco Maggio 

Editorial The great challenge, by Luigi Caricato 

In the living heart of words See under condire, condimento, frittura, grasso, oliare, by Daniela Marcheschi

Starter Drawing on paper, oil on canvas, by Pierluigi Cetera 

OLIVE OIL-BASED RECIPES by chef and master cook Giuseppe Capano 

Green barley risotto with asparagus cream, cashew nuts and Pantaleo Organic extra-virgin olive oil 

Fresh orecchiette with Pantaleo Classico oil talli sauce and almond filling 

Zucchini/Courgette spaghetti marinated with raw tomato sauce and 100% Italian Pantaleo olive oil 

Wellness salad with Pantaleo Young olive oil 

Cream of celeriac velouté with garlic and parsley mushrooms, poppyseed carrots and Agridè Dop Terra di Bari Bitonto olive oil 

Beetroot cream tartlets with Tatanoso Caricato Factory extra-virgin olive oilcustard with pure chocolate flakes 

Orange biscuits with single-cultivar Monini Coratina Bio Frantoio del Poggiolo extra-virgin olive oil, dark chocolate and pistachios 

Calamari and green beans, marjoram and Monini Bios olive oil 

Chicken burger with wild mushrooms and Monini Gran Fruttato olive oil 

Swiss chard, herbs and spinach with raisins, chilli and sunflower seeds seasoned with San Giuliano Cuor d’Olivo Fruttato olive oil 

Cooked vegetable tartare with rosemary and Pietro Coricelli Riserva del Presidente extra-virgin olive oil 

Chilled tomato soup with basil, cashews and Coricelli Colto olive oil 

Delicate carrot cream in Frantoio di Sant’Agata d’Oneglia Taggiasca olive oil with green broccoli and a pine nut cream 

Fennel prawns with bergamot and Oro Taggiasco Frantoio di Sant’Agata d’Oneglia extra-virgin olive oil 

Crispy bruschetta with courgette cream, chive radishes, lemon and Laudemio Frescobaldi extra-virgin olive oil 

Marjoram-flavoured green pea cream with summer courgettes, tomatoes and Palazzo di Varignana Blend extra-virgin olive oil 

Purple potatoes, mozzarella and zucchini scented with Palazzo di Varignana Ghiacciola single-cultivar extra-virgin olive oil 

Chicken strips and mint tomatoes with lemon chard and Olitalia i Dedicati extra-virgin olive oil

Spaghetti with almonds, courgettes, tomatoes and Carli Dop Riviera Ligure – Riviera dei Fiori extra-virgin olive oil 

Speck and asparagus rolls with Sommariva Cru Seénà extra-virgin olive oil

Pointed cabbage and chive salad with radishes, oranges, almonds, olives and Salvagno olive oil 

Hand-made semolina trenette pasta with courgettes with thyme, tomatoes with chives, purple potatoes, and Masserie di Sant’Eramo Light Fruity olive oil 

Renetta apple, chocolate and clementine Bavarian cream with Italo Fattoria del Torquato olive oil 

Brown rice with sea bass, prawns, saffron and Razzola Lucchi & Guastalli olive oil 

OLIVE OIL-BASED RECIPES by masterchef Stefano Callegaro

Rice Gnocchi Oneglia-Osaka and back. With Taggiasca Guido 1860 olive oil

OLIVE OIL-BASED RECIPESby chef Michele Biasoni 

Amuse-bouche with Gran Cru Taggiasca di Montagna by Frantoio Sant’Agata di Oneglia extra-virgin olive oil 

 OLIVE OIL-BASED RECIPESby chef Sara Latagliata 

Pasticiotto with Zucchi Sostenibile 100% Italian olive oil 

Carnaroli rice risotto with cuttlefish milk, blueberry dust, aubergines and Novaro Biologico olive oil 

Handmade cocoa orecchiette made from Senatore Cappelli flour with Fiaschetto di Torre Guaceto tomatoes and Biorussi Marì Ogliarola garganica olive oil 

Murgia black chickpeas with smoked seabream and Terre dell’Etruria Poesia Toscano PGI Maurino olive oil 

Honey-marinated chicken, larded with speck and jar-cooked with Rocchi Gocce d’Oro - Fresco di macina olive oil 

OLIVE OIL-BASED RECIPESby masterchef Giovanni Ricciardella 

Spaghetto aglio, olio, peperoncino... e fiori di zucchina. With Magnus Siculus olive oil 

Galateo & Friends Taggiasca extra-virgin olive oil sorbet 

Caprese turns into risotto. With Dop Garda Orientale Villa by Turri olive oil 


OLIVE OIL-BASED RECIPES by chef Fabrizio Rivaroli

Carapelli Le Origini Stories of master oil producers, with recipes 

Salt cod in oil with sweet and sour onion, radish, apple and rosemary-infused potato cream. With Dop Terra di Bari Bitonto olive oil 

Cuttlefish tagliatelle on julienne of cabbage heart and baked yellow tomatoes. With Olio di Calabria PGI olive oil 

Tuna mozzarella on variegated radicchio, pomegranate and Cervia salt. With Toscano PGI olive oil 


An olive oil for every shape of pasta 

Pasta feeds the world, by Amelia Giarmoleo 


The invention of solid vinegar. Product innovations Mengazzoli Parpaccio, by Mauro Olivieri


VINEGAR-BASED RECIPESby Olivieri and Frizzarin 

Amea XX Mengazzoli balsamic apple vinegar drink 

Grilled cuttlefish in summer salad with Mengazzoli Modena PGI organic balsamic vinegar 

Goat cheese spheres with chives, sweet and sour red onion compote and Mengazzoli Parpaccio 

VINEGAR-BASED RECIPESby chef Claudio Aversano 

Pork fillet with cream of Olitalia 5 grappoli Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI on nests of Kataifi pasta 



Forum Olio & Ristorazione - second edition

A change of perspective for olive oils and vinegars in restaurants 


Announcing the Oliocentrico 


 ‘Tis all a festival. Synopsis and history of Olio Officina Festival’s eight editions (plus one more in the pipeline), by Luigi Caricato and Maria Carla Squeo 

Olio Officina

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