Please let the farmers live in peace!

Alfonso Pascale

Carlo Petrini (Slow Food) and Oscar Farinetti (Eataly) speak about farmers as if they were a world apart, needing protection. But their real intention is to align them in their “troops”.

They were the last "coldirettiani" in the world (note of Olio Officina Globe for the reader: Coldiretti is the largest Italian agricultural organization, conservative and antiquated, the most retrograde organization both in his ideological conception, mold creed, both for its operating methods with which it acts).

Do they want to make culture? Do it! - but please let the farmers live in peace!

Culture does not mean making war to someone, but knowing how to interact with all in a secular way , which means , respecting the different cultures, the different production and consumption models and the various market ethos.

The millenary peasant civilization, with its values ​​and culture, has always shown open to the dialogue and to the interaction with others and it has never claimed to dominate the world.

The farmers , in their long history sometimes were obliged to combat those who claimed to defend them assuming their protection for better controlling them. And that's why they were brigands sometimes!

Alfonso Pascale

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