The meeting of the group of experts on organoleptic assesment will be held on videoconference on September 16-17, 2020

Around 30 experts from International Olive Council member countries will take part in a meeting on the organoleptic assessment of virgin olive oils

Olio Officina

International Olive Council programme continues with several initiatives in technical and environmental field in 2021

In accordance with the provisions of the International Agreement 2015 with regard to activities in the field of olive cultivation, olive technology and technical cooperation, and taking into account the priorities established, namely capacity building through technical support, training and technology transfer, the establishment of a network for […]

Olio Officina

2020 planned activities by Ioc Chemistry and standardisation Unit

In 2020 the following activities will be given priority by Chemistry and Standardisation unit: work on the revision of the Codex standard; organisation of ring tests; the study of analytical methods with IOC reference; ongoing studies; accreditation of laboratories and panels; electronic working groups; and reference samples for negative attributes of virgin olive oil.

Olio Officina

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MIOOA 2020, regulation, reglamento, reglement

A competition open to all olive producers, olive oil manufacturers and oil trading companies around the world, the MIOOA, acronym for the Milan International Oilve Oil Award. New deadline, given the Coronavirus emergency: there is time until 30 June to participate in the selection. It is an initiative of Olio Officina in collaboration with the world’s oldest tasting school Onaoo and the participation of aseries of hand-picked juries selected on the basis of the groups they belong to, such as retail-chain and food-service buyers, chefs, journalists, consumers

Olio Officina