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A taster training course for extra virgin olive oil was organised in Gdynia, Poland

The results of this International Olive Council course were very positive, and the gorgeous weather they had throughout the course further boosted the participants enthusiasm to learn and boost their knowledge of organoleptic assessment.

Olio Officina

The WOOE 2019 expects a mass of visitors from a wide variety of European countries

Approximately thirty COI members will attend the event

Olio Officina

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Green Tech Training organise une formation pratique et théorique sous le titre L’olivier et l’huile d’olive

Du 7 au 10 Février 2019 ad Hammamet, Tunisie

Olio Officina

Agro-pôle Olivier Meknès: promotion de l’huile olive marocaine de qualité premium

Trophée Premium "Volubilis Extra-Vierge Maroc 2019" avec 35 marques en lice

Olio Officina

Italy proposes a new classification for olive oil

International Olive Council

La Universidad de Jaén impulsa la mejora competitiva del olivar extensivo

La iniciativa parte de un trabajo de investigación, cuya autora es Laura Moreno y tutorizado por Juan Vilar, que se está desarrollando en el seno del Máster de olivar y aceite de oliva en la Universidad de Jaén

Olio Officina

International Olive Council, Programme: Monthly calendar Juanuary-December 2019

This is the IOC's annual list of activities. This list is not exhaustive. The dates are subject to change. Activities planned by one Unit may have been the result of collaboration between several Units

Olio Officina