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Quality of the oil, presentation packaging and container. The second edition of "Le Forme dell'Olio", the international contest organized by Olio Officina, is set to start. Aim of the initiative is to promote and increase the quality of the presentation packaging, and encourage the companies to give greater care to this aspect.

Olio Officina

The most beautiful oils

The first edition of the international contest “Le Forme dell’Olio – Olio Officina” went very well, and we, the organizers, were very satisfied. Before publishing this year's set of rules and regulations, we would like to remind you of last year's results.



First place:

BARBUTO NATURAL, by Jean Paul Mifsud
Valletta, Malta - Oil produced in San Giacomo di Ragusa, Sicily

Second place:

LUA, Associazione culturale Laboratorio Urbano Aperto - San Cassiano (Lecce)
Package containing a book of stories, a bottle of extra virgin oil obtained from centuries-old olive trees and a can of lampante fuel for oil lamps.

Third place:

Tonda Iblea, Frantoio, Coratina and Taggiasca single-varietal extra virgin olive oils

Award for the most innovative idea:


FATTORIA CASA SOLA oil from Barberino Val d’Elsa (Florence)
A prototype that is still unavailable on the market

Honorable mentions in the "gifts" category:

IL BOSCHETTO Castiglione della Pescaia (Grosseto)

L'OLIO TENERO, by CIAM Ascoli Piceno


Honorable mentions in retail and horeca oils:

TAMIA olive farm of Sergio Delle Monache Ucciano Vetralla (Viterbo):

OLITALIA single-varietal oil Forli

OLEIFICIO GUCCIONE, ZAHARA oil Chiaramonte Golfi (Ragusa)


And now we are ready for the second edition. Below are the rules of the contest.




Olio Officina is proud to announce that it will hold the second edition of the International Packaging and Innovation Contest “Olio Officina - Le forme dell’olio” in Milan, Italy, in collaboration with media partners Olio Officina Magazine and Olio Officina Globe.

The aim of the Contest is to highlight the importance of packaging, and the care that should be given to this aspect when marketing extra virgin olive oil. Companies should continuously strive to improve the appearance of their merchandise, because inevitably oil purchasers will not only take into account product quality, but also the aesthetics and functionality of the package.


An Administrating Committee chaired by Mr Luigi Caricato, an Italian oil expert, is in charge of supervising, monitoring and verifying every stage of the organization and execution of the second edition of the International Packaging and Innovation Contest “Olio Officina - Le forme dell’olio”. All decisions made by the Administrating Committee are final and binding.


Only packages that comply with the laws regarding extra virgin olive oil can enter the International Packaging and Innovation Contest “Olio Officina - Le forme dell’olio”.


Any company, be it a packaging or marketing enterprise, an olive farm, olive mill or a farmers' cooperative, may enter the International Packaging and Innovation Contest “Olio Officina - Le forme dell’olio”.


The Jury, whose members are selected for their competency in every aspect taken into account, will decree the best presentation packaging among the samples entered in the Contest. The decision will take into account the aspect of the bottle or other containers used to store the oil, as well as all other elements, including seals, caps, labels, back labels, neck labels, capsules, and if present, the bottle case.

User-friendly containers that present no safety hazards when being opened will be commended.


To better assist the smaller companies having a limited budget for innovation, the Contest will divide the entrants into various categories, as listed in Clause 4. Awards will be given for each category; however, no distinction will be made when decreeing the outright winner of the Contest.


Companies that have been found guilty of fraud, sophistication or mafia association are not eligible to enter the Contest and therefore cannot submit their packages.


Contest participation and entry submission.

Contest entrants are requested to fill in the application form and email a copy of it to the official electronic address ( of the Contest. The original of the application form must be sent to the Contest headquarters, in the parcel containing the entered samples.

The deadline for entering the contest is December 15, 2014.

The entries must be sent to:

Olio Officina - c/o MBE - via Ruggero Bonghi  6 - 20141 Milano - Italia

Open for delivery from Mondays to Fridays, from 9 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 6.30 pm.

The packages must bear the following indication: “Olio Officina Concorso Le Forme dell’Olio” – Italia (e-mail:

The entries must be furnished with:

a) The application form, duly filled in and signed by the head of the Company entering the Contest;

b) A copy of the receipt of the wire transfer confirming the payment of the entry fee, which covers the expenses sustained by the Administration Committee, and equal to 73.20 euro per entry.

c) The application form, official rules and bank details for the wire transfer will be supplied to whoever requests them.

d) The entries submitted by companies that have not paid the fee will not be admitted to the Contest.

e) Each entry must consist of 3 bottles, or other containers, perfectly packed.


There is no restriction on the number of entries submitted. Please note that the entries will not be returned.


The organizers of the contest cannot be held liable for samples delivered after the deadline, or for items that arrive partially or totally damaged or broken.


All shipping, handling and customs clearance costs are to be fully borne by the Entrant. The companies that fail to meet these costs will not be admitted to the contest, even if they have already paid the entry fee, which in this case will not be returned. If postage is to be paid by the recipient, the parcel will be refused and the items will not be returned.


The organizers of the Contest will take the greatest care to preserve the integrity of the samples submitted.


The composition of the Jury, chaired by qualified professionals, will only be made public at the end of the Contest.


The verdict of the Jury is to be considered final. The Jury has the faculty to award ex aequo prizes.


Once the Contest is over, only the names of the winners will be made public. The award ceremony will take place in Milan, on Thursday, January 22, 2015, during the Olio Officina Food Festival. The unclaimed awards will be sent by the organizers to the winners. The Committee cannot be held liable for loss, damages, thefts or non-delivery of the above awards.

 Please send an email to to request the entry form and/or for any further information.

Olio Officina

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