The Origin of the World

We report the editorial by the director Luigi Caricato which appeared within the number 12 of OOF International Magazine Enjoy the reading. When everything began, civilization was born. Through the myth of Pallas Athena, the olive tree is its most significant and eloquent symbol. In the dispute between […]

Luigi Caricato

Covid-19 – before and after

We report the editorial by the director Luigi Caricato which appeared within the number 11 of OOF International Magazine. Enjoy the reading. Some time in mid-February, a few days after the ninth edition of the Olio Officina Festival had finished, I suddenly became aware that profoundchanges were taking […]

Luigi Caricato

What’s changing

We report the editorial by the director Luigi Caricato which appeared within the number 10 of OOF International Magazine. It’s evident how the world has changed, alongside the expectations for 2020, after the terrible emergency of Covid-19. Enjoy the reading I think 2020’s a great number, because it’s […]

Luigi Caricato

The great challenge

The promise we make on the cover of issue 9 of OOF International Magazine – to provide a selection of recipes revolving around olive oil and vinegar – might sound overly optimistic. The challenge it expresses is however consistent with our vision: that of bringing seasonings and dressings […]

Luigi Caricato

Rock star treatment for olive oil

There’s a lot more to advertising than thinking up a slogan and filling a blank space. It’s the search for someone to interact with, someone who’s ready to understand what is special about us, about what we do or what we make. If advertising were merely a slogan, […]

Luigi Caricato

The gnosiological aspect of blending

We may have managed to tame the wild olive over the millennia and transform it into oil, but making oil as nature intended is no longer our task these days. For that matter leaving an olive oil’s distinctive style to chance is not a viable solution. It’s better […]

Luigi Caricato

What happens when oil meets food?

These days, compared to the past, we have an extra guarantee, without doubts or conflicting opinions as far as oil is concerned. Giant steps forward have been made in the production of quality extra virgin olive oils with inimitable, true-to-type sensory traits. There has been unparalleled and unprecedented […]

Luigi Caricato

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Mills are agoras

If olive groves are considered as the core of everything, as no olives and consequently no olive oil can be obtained without olive trees, mills are certainly no less, as they are universally recognized as the place where everything takes place. Olive pressing indeed gives us the long-awaited […]

Maria Carla Squeo

Les secteur de l’huile d’olive marocain

Cette année les secteur de l’huile d’olive marocain soufre des conséquences de la sécheresse et l’absence de pluie surtout depuis septembre. Donc, nos estimations sont révisées à la baisse. On prévoit 80.000 Tonnes d’huile d’olive au lieu des estimations de septembre sui ont fait état d’une prévision de […]

Noureddine Ouazzani

I taste, you taste, we taste

Tasting is crucial. It allows becoming familiar and discovering oil in depth, so that the different ways in which it can be used are interpreted correctly: raw, cooked or as a liquid to cover products in preserves. There is actually no other solution, because tasting is the only […]

Luigi Caricato

The future is among us

Those who have never met me may think that I have nothing to do with milling art and science, even though I deal with olive oils as a writer and a publisher. The opposite is true. I cannot claim I was born inside an olive oil mill, but […]

Luigi Caricato

About climate change and what’s next

The different areas of the world have always had changing weather conditions, leading to migrations and pushing human communities to adapt. We are still experiencing significant changes with global warming. Average temperatures have risen. CO2 emissions have increased. Everybody acknowledges such undisputed data.Hence, what is the debate about? […]

Alfonso Pascale

My holistic design

Let me borrow a quotation by Enzo Mari: “The artist is the one who shapes a collective value everyone identifies with”. I think that here lies the essence of design, or rather, holistic design. It is a new vision that does not only belong to the present, because […]

Mauro Olivieri

No fear of new experiences

A new magazine is always a compelling challenge. Even more considering that paper publications are experiencing a difficult moment due to several reasons. However, one cannot give up. We have to act and play our role in the process. OOF International Magazine plays a renewed role in shaking […]

Luigi Caricato