The tenth edition of the Wooe

Professionals of 45 nationalities have been defining the next steps of a particularly important agricultural season over the past few days

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Ioc technical cooperation with Georgia

Ioc technical cooperation with Georgia in continuous activity. The team of experts visited olive plantations and olive extraction with the aim of providing an overview of olive growing in Georgia to formulate proposals to develop the sector

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Tunisian minister visits the Ioc

Tunisian Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts pays courtesy visit to Ioc headquarters. The interview focused on the different activities implemented by the Ioc, as well as on the concept of the Olive Route

Olio Officina

The 2021 World Olive Day

The IOC celebrates World Olive Day on 26 November every year. To promote this important event, the Executive Secretariat works with and provides support for delegations from member countries, representatives from the sector, local authorities, observatories, and members of the diplomaticcorps from countries that have signed the International Agreement on Olive Oil and Table Olives 2015

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Awaiting Southern Hemisphere oils, Northern Hemisphere oils are being assessed

The professional tasters from the Onaoo panel are at work evaluating the extra virgin olive oils competing in the second edition of the Milan International Olive Oil Award. While waiting for the other juries to get to work, we would like to present a video with the performance of panel leader Marcello Scoccia. In the meantime, companies from the Southern Hemisphere can participate and send their oils

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The World’s finest olive oil in the Milan International Olive Oil Award. Last days to participate

Deadline for delivery of olive oils is March 31, 2021. The regulation, with all the useful information. After a pre-selection carried out by the famous tasting school Onaoo, the best extra virgin chosen by the panel of expert professional tasters, will be evaluated by by a series of hand-picked juries selected on the basis of the groups they belong to: food-service and retail-chain buyers, chefs, restaurateurs, journalists, sommeliers and consumers

Olio Officina