The human side of wine

Let's know the winners of the 33rd Masi Prize, a unique marriage between wine, culture and true values. Because culture points the way to a new understanding amongst peoples that can also lead to a brighter economic future.

Monica Sommacampagna

The human side of wine

Highlights on five protagonists of Venetian as well as Italian culture in the world thanks to 33rd Masi Prize, awarded last 27th of September in Gargagnago (Verona). Andrea Bocelli, Svetlana Alexievich, Umberto Contarello, Mario Isnenghi and the Associazione Ville Venete (Association of Veneto Villas) represented by its president, Alberto Passi, have this year autographed the historic Amarone Barrel that symbolizes the Prize organised by the Masi Foundation, aimed at celebrating the universal values of the Venetian regions as seen in business and the arts.

Music, literature, script-writing, history, and winemaking too, are the contexts for the 33rd edition of the far-sighted and versatile Masi Prize, consisting of three sections: International Civiltà del Vino Prize (Bocelli); International Grosso d’Oro Veneziano Prize (Alexievich) and Civiltà Veneta Prize (Contarello, Isnenghi and Associazione Ville Venete).

“The Masi Prize shows its glocal spirit more and more – says Sandro Boscaini, Vice-President of the Masi Foundation and President of the renowned winery Masi Agricola – making the transposition of Venetian values into international principles tangible, quite apart from any geographic or cultural considerations. The Masi Prize – Boscaini concludes – has not only left its mark but it has also showed us a new way in which the different disciplines of the winners are closely inter-related, giving change a voice without ever forgetting their own roots.”

Svetlana Alexievich. She wrote five books about social evolution in Russia, pointing out the reality of post-Communist Soviet life and its unresolved conflicts. “I always focus my attention on human soul and facts – she declared. Russian people are used to war e and to stifle pain, this is the true danger for them and for all of us”.

Mario Isnenghi. He is a well-known historian specialised in First World War, who stripped the conflict of its rhetoric sense in order to emphasize the ideals, the courage and the sacrifice of soldiers. “I always base my studies on facts and on the meaning of each historical period. The historian lives in a world that changes day by day”.

Umberto Contarello. This scriptwriter has worked with famous Italian producers and, recently, with Paolo Sorrentino on the screenplay for “La Grande Bellezza”, an Oscar winner in 2014. “In each film my role is to write to be deleted. I am endowed with a silent presence and lifeless power, as I participate in the creation of a film but I not the father, I’d rather be an uncle”.

Alberto Passi. He lives in a villa but he represents 4.300 magnificent historical buildings as President of the Associazione Ville Venete. “Our aim is to thrill tourists with prestigious events in our villas, in collaboration with local and regional authorities”.

Andrea Bocelli. Everybody knows him as an internationally famous singer but less people know that he and his family are also illustrious exponent of wine culture and a committed producer. His favourite sentence is “a bottle of wine is truly a bottle of happiness”.

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