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Luigi Caricato

The beginning is always an important moment. So we hope that Olio Officina Globe will start off on the right foot. For all those who are already familiar with the Olio Officina project, both in Italy and abroad, we would like to explain that our new-born is the international version of the Italian Olio Officina Magazine.

This magazine is like no other. As its name clearly suggests, Olio Officina mainly gravitates around oil. The real focus however is not so narrow, but includes all types of food.

Everything revolves around food, starting from those who imagine it, before even producing it, to those who consume it, and live these moments as cultural experiences that enrich them and become an integral part of their inner life.

One thing should be clear: food, in our opinion, is not just a necessity, but is synonymous with culture. It is for this reason that when we discuss food, we always take agriculture into account, because the link between the two is very strong. Food is the intimate expression of the countryside, the fruit of the skill and toil of those who farm the land and breed the animals. Clearly, food gives pleasure, but we should always remember that it is the result of hard work, and the respect and appreciation it deserves should be shared by everybody, without exclusion.

From now on, we are here. Olio Officina Globe bears the hallmark of Italy and marks a new beginning. Starting something always means opening up to the outside world: we have no fear, remembering the success of the first Olio Officina Food Festival, back in 2012, a unique event that focuses entirely on condiments for both the palate and the mind. This is only the start, a brief introduction, the rest will follow in the next days, months and years.

Olio Officina is a workshop of ideas, where opinions and views can be freely exchanged. Welcome, make yourselves at home.

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