International days in Meknes

Everything is ready in Morocco for the seventh edition of the Olive tree Mediterrean Days in Meknes, an international event organized by Agro-pôle Olivier with the International University of Andalusia and other partners. The theme is: “Quality, labeling, mediterranean diet and biomass: the heart of competitiveness and sustainable development of olive oil sector” (October 21 to 23). Not to miss!

Olio Officina

International days in Meknes

The seventh edition of the Mediterranean Days involves the participation of many specialists and experts from different olive-growing countries of the Mediterranean, from Morocco, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Tunisia, United States of America, Lebanon and Portugal.

“The Mediterranean Days of Olive Tree in Meknes”

Agro-pôle Olivier ENA Meknès /UNIA

21 – 23 OCTOBER 2014

7th Edition of the Mediterranean Days of Olive Tree in Meknes

“Quality, Labeling, Mediterranean Diet and Biomass: the Heart of Competitiveness and Sustainable Development of Olive Oil sector”


08H30- 09H00 : Welcome of participants

09H00 -10H00 : Official opening of the Days

10H00-10H30 : Coffee Break

Olive oil Sector, International Market, Competitiveness and Strategy for

Promotion and marketing

10H30-11H00 : “Global Market for Olive Oil: current issues and prospects for development”. Jean Louis Barjol, Executive Director, International Olive Oil Council. Madrid, Spain.

11H00-11H30 : “New strategic orientations for the Moroccan olive oil sector in food safety and producing of the olive oil with a high quality”. Ministry of Agriculture and Maritime Fisheries, Rabat, Morocco

11H30-11H55 : “Olive in a period turning: The Role of Innovation“, Luis Rallo, University of Cordoba, Spain.

11H55-12H20 : “The concept of territorialized chain and its application for sustainable development of the olive sector”. Jean-Louis Rastoin, UNESCO Chair “Food World”, Montpellier SupAgro, France.

12H20-12H45 : “Marketing innovation of Olive Oil Extra Virgin and creating added value: the case of Spanish olive oil”. Juan Penamil, Director of the Mercacei magazine, Spain.

12H45-13H15 : “Strategies for promoting exports of Olive Oil: case of Greece”.

Marinella Katsilieri, Cultural Foundation “Roads of the Olive Tree”, Kalamata, Greece.

14H30-18H30 : Round-table “Olive Oil of Quality : competitiveness, channels of distribution and marketing” : animated by Juan Penamil, Director of Mercacei magazine, Spain.

Two introductory conferences in the Roundtable

14H30-14H55 : “Problems of marketing of olive oil, distribution chain and market opportunities of Olive Oil of Quality”. Luigi Caricato, Director of Olio Officina magazine, Milan, Italy.

14H55-15H20 : “Reform of European agricultural and trade policies: what impact on the olive oil sector in the Mediterranean”. Samir Mili, National Research Council (CSIC), Madrid, Spain.

15H20-18H30 : Testimonials and Discussion

– Georges Karabatos, President of the Cultural Foundation “Roads of the Olive Tree” Kalamata, Greece: What strategy for the promotion of Mediterranean olive oil ?

– Zakaria H’Mad, General Manager of Food Technopôle of Bizerte, Tunisia : National Label, Case of the olive oil of Tunisia.

– Enrico Lupi, President of Mediterranean Network of Cities of Olive Oil : Mediterranean Label Diet and opportunity for olive oil of quality.

– Eduard Escrich, Multidisciplinary Group studies of breast cancer, Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain: Olive our capital health.

– Deoleo : Futur of marketing of Olive Oil

– LCM Aicha : The international market opportunities for Moroccan olive oil.

– Lesieur Cristal : What solutions for the development of national market olive oil of quality?

– Ibrahim Sabouni, Al Jaouf University, Saudi Arabia: The opportunities Market olive oil in Saudi Arabia.

– Dieter Oberg, Olive Oil Office, Germany : Market of olive oil and behavior of German consumer



Olive Oil Quality, Health, Determinants factors, Labelling and Differentiation

Session 1 : Olive Oil, Quality and Health Benefits : Determinants factors,

Technology, Storage and Packaging

08H30-09H20 : “Effects of technological extraction factors on the quality of extra virgin olive oil”. Jose Carlos Bautista, GEA Westfalia Separator Ibérica, S.A. International Center of Excellence for Olive Oil. Ubeda. Jaén. Spain.

09H20-10H10 : “Good practice for the filtration, storage and packaging of olive oil with high quality”. Gabriel Beltrán. IFAPA Jaén, Junta de Andalucía, Spain.

10H10-10H30 : Coffee Break

10H30-11H20 : “Food safety as a criterion for the quality of virgin olive oil”. Juana Ortega Membrive, Spanish expert on health inspection, Jaén, Spain.

11H20-11H45 : “Consumption of olive oil and prevention of cancers”. Eduard Escrich, Multidisciplinary Group studies of breast cancer, Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain.

11H45-12H10 : “Qualitative differentiation as an indicator and guarantor of food safety. Case of Extra virgin olive oil”. José Manuel Bajo Prados. Executive Secretariat of the National Sector of virgin olive oil and the denomination of origin, Spain.

12H10-12H35 : “The identification of markers of chemical and organoleptic authenticity, a pillar for the protection of a local product made: the case of olive oil under Protected Designation of Origin”. Abderraouf EL Antrai, INRA Marrakech, Morocco.

12H35-13H00 : “A search for new uses of olive oil in cooking “. Raquel Costales Rodriguez, CITOLIVA, Technology Center of the Olive and Olive Oil, Jaén, Spain.

13H00-13H30 : Discussion

Session 2 : Labeling and Product Differentiation

14H30-14H55 : “Weight of designations of origin and organic olive oil in the global olive oil market”. Mohamed Larbi Sidmou, Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakech, Morocco.

14H55-15H20 :Label Mediterranean Diet and challenges for marketing and commercialization of olive oil of high quality”. Alberto Mattiacci, Rome University, La Sapienza, Italy.

15H20-15H45 : “Influence of the value of the harmony of quality on discrimination between extra virgin grade oils”. Dieter G. Oberg, Association for the Support of the value of olive oil extra virgin, Wessling, Germany.

15H45-16H10 : ” “PDO Protected Designation of Origin, Olive Oil of Meknes” : a project to promote the olive oil with high quality of Morocco “. Noureddine Ouazzani, Agro-pôle Olivier ENA, Meknes, Morocco.

Session 3 : Mediterranean Organic olive oil : Status of the art, management

technology and trends

16H10-16H35 : “Organic virgin olive oil : technical management and trends: case of Spain”. Adolfo Sánchez Lozano. SIERRA DE GENAVE S.C.A. Cooperative production and conditioning of organic olive oil, Jaén, Spain.

16H35-17H00 : “Organic virgin olive oil : technical management and trends : Case of Italy”. Cesare Buonamici. Buonamici Agricultural Agency, Fiesole, Italy.

17H00-17H25 : “Protection and fertilization of trees into bio : French experience”. Jean Michel Duriez, AFIDOL, France.

17H25-17H50 : “Organic virgin olive oil : technical management and trends : case of Tunisia”. Naziha Grati Kamoun, Olive Tree Institute of Sfax, Tunisia.

17H50-18H30 : Discussion



Valorization of by-products of Olive : Management, Biomass, Energy and Environmental Protection

09H00-09H50 : “Management and collection of by-products of olive from the two-phase system and energy valorization: Spanish Experience”.José Antonio La Cal Herrera, Provincial Delegation of Jaén, Spain.

09H50-10H30 : “Management and use of by-products resulting from system 2 and 3 phases: Italian Experience”.Angelo Cichelli, G. d’Annunzio University, Pescara, Italy.

10H30-11H00 : Coffee Break

11H00-11H25 : “Valorization of by-products of Olive by application to agricultural land: acquired CFC / IOOC / 04 / Biomass of olive”. Noureddine Ouazzani, Agro-pôle Olivier ENA Meknes, Morocco.

11H25-11H50 : “Valorization of vegetable waters by application to agricultural land”. Béchir Ben Rouina, Olive Tree Institute, Sfax, Tunisia.

11H50-12H15 : “Valorization of the residues of the crushing Olive units through composting”. Patrick Villemin, Eléphant Vert Europe.

12H15-12H40 : “Management and Valorization of energy from Olive biomass”. José Antonio Pérez Jiménez, Advanced Technology Center of renewable energy in Andalusia (CTAER), Spain.

12H40-13H30 : Discussion and closing days

15H00-18H00: Visit of Agro-pôle Olivier

Touristic visit of Volubilis and Meknes city.

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