Lessons in coffee culture at the University by illycaffè

Olio Officina

From 23 to 25 October 2014, during TriestEspresso Expo, illycaffè Italian brand organizes further insights in the world of coffee in its centre of excellence, the University of Coffee, teaching subjects from very different fields. A technical approach is taken to understanding more about the factors that influence the Brazilian harvest; the cultivation of green coffee by the world’s biggest exporter. At present, attention is focused on its production estimates, which are determined by the performance of the stock exchanges and the international markets. In recent weeks they have undergone enormous oscillations, with variations of up to 10 million bags. Luca Turello, an illycaffè agronomist, will outline the main limitations to growth in Brazilian production, providing the context for an understanding as to whether the South American country has reached its full potential. On a completely different note, Marino Petracco, lecturer at the University of Coffee, will provide further insights with regard to the connection between coffee and health. The components of coffee which scientific search has revealed to have many beneficial properties are still little known. This presentation looks at the coffee bean from another perspective, providing the opportunity to learn about it in a more systematic manner. Lastly, Massimo Barnaba will present the subject of coffee tasting, with some pointers on the correct approach to cup tasting. The meetings, which will last about an hour, are reserved for the visitors of TriestEspresso Expo and will take place during the three days of the fair in the renovated and charming Hydrodynamic Station, the Old Port of Trieste’s source of power and one of its most significant historical buildings.

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