Organic crops spread in Andalusia

Olio Officina

SOURCE: AGROINFORMATION – The General Director for Quality, Agro-Food Industry and Organic Production of the Government of Andalusia, Ana Romero, stressed that the organic farming sector continues to consolidate in Andalusia, with 806,726 hectares of land devoted to these crops, representing 54% of Spain’s total, and 9,931 operators, including producers, processors and importers. The organic industry has generated more than 20,000 direct and indirect jobs.

“These figures are the result of the efforts of many men and women, with support from the regional government.” Andalusia has implemented organic farming plans since 2002. The 2nd Andalusian Plan for Organic Agriculture (2007-2013) alone has resulted in the investment of over 300 million Euro to support organic products, assist in their industrial processing, encourage domestic consumption and strengthen research, control systems and the transparency of certifications.

Currently, the Council is working together with the sector in the 3rd Andalusian Plan for Agriculture and Organic Farming (2014-2020), which will soon be presented to the Andalusian Committee for Organic Production. All of this shows that organic farming “is one of the most comprehensive tools to meet the challenges of sustainability, rural development and climate change,” said the general director, who has stressed the importance of this sector “both in the present and future, as well as its potential to increase exports and generate employment in rural areas.”

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