Bad year for Croatian olive oil

Olio Officina

Poor crop for local olive growers in Croatia after the record production in 2013. The rainy summer and low temperatures, the anticipated harvest in Istria and Dalmatia and, most of all, the attacks of olive fruit fly (Bactrocera oleae) caused a decrease in olive quantities, thus olive oil production is likely to be less than expected. Anyway, Ivica Ljubenkov, president of the Association of Croatian Olive Oil Growers and Producers (Zajednice maslinara i uljara Hrvatske) told that some small areas of Dalmatia known for their high-quality olive oil were fortunately spared the damages of the olive fruit fly, like the coastal town of Skradin and Vela Luka on the western part of the island of Korčula. As a result, an increase in consumer prices for Croatian olive oil is to be expected on the market. (Source: OliveOilTimes)

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