€ 39 million EU support for the promotion of agricultural products

Olio Officina

SOURCE: EUROPEAN COMMISSION – The European Commission has today approved 27 programmes to promote agricultural products in the European Union and in third countries. The total budget of the programmes, the grand majority of which will run for a period of three years, is € 77,4 million of which the EU contributes € 39 million. The selected programmes cover a variety of product categories, such as fresh and processed fruit and vegetables, dairy products, quality products (PDOs, PGIs, TSGsand organic products), flowers, quality meat, as well as, for the first time, sheepmeat.

EU Agriculture Commissioner Dacian Cioloş stated today: “I am pleased to confirm our support for these new promotion programmes, including sheepmeat for the first time. I hope they will boost consumption and sales at this difficult time. In the course of the last 5 years, we have become a net exporter of agri food products, with the value of exports accelerating faster than the volume, as consumers in other parts of the world appreciate the traditions, quality standards and tastes of Europe. These new measures will further enhance that reputation.”

By 15 June 2014, within the information and promotion scheme, the Commission services received 43 proposals for programmes targeting the internal market and third countries as part of the second wave of programme selection for year 2014. After evaluation, 27 programmes were retained for co-financing out of which 21 target the internal market and 6 target third countries. Third countries and regions targeted are: North America, Latin America, Middle East, South-East Asia, Japan, North Africa and Turkey.

Moreover, two of the accepted programmes are so-called multi-programmes, programmes from organisations located in different member states that jointly carry out a promotion campaign. In the context of the recently agreed reform of the promotion policy, this type of promotion campaigns will be even more encouraged.

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