Irrigaolivo helps sustainable irrigation in olive coltivation

Olio Officina

The International Olive Council presented Irrigaolivo, a project in collaboration with ICARDA (International Center for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas) that is being carried out in Morocco and Syria. Aimed at achieving rational water use through the application of new irrigation techniques, the four-years project has analysed plant response to different irrigation regimes over time to optimise how this scarce and precious resource is used. Drawn up at the IOC Executive Secretariat with the assistance of internationally acclaimed experts, the project received funding from the Common Fund for Commodities and the OPEC Fund for International Development. ICARDA and its partners demonstrate how the effectiveness of this system depends on its low cost and sustainable techniques to improve water productivity and irrigation technologies that can be extended to other Mediterranean countries, multiplying the impact. Activities will also include capacity building and training opportunities for farmers, researchers and extension staff.

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