Labelling: new online public consultation on the website of Italian Ministry

Monica Sommacampagna

SOURCE: MIPAAF – Italian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry announced last Friday an online public consultation between citizens on the labeling of food products. Consumers, manufacturers and operators will be able to express their point of view by answering a questionnaire with 11 questions on the importance of the origin and traceability of foods. The results will be used to support and strengthen national choices that Italy will be the theme of labeling, which will be presented in Brussels, implementation of the new rules on labeling which will come into force on 13 December. The initiative is part of the measures ‘Campolibero’ Law Competitiveness and aims to involve the community on a crucial issue as the transparency of food information. A further effect of the consultation is to align with the general principles of the European Union, where the sharing of content of public decision making has long been an established practice. “We give voice to citizens on an issue as fundamental as the labeling and transparency of information on food – said Minister Maurizio Martina -. With the public consultation that Italians are moving for the first time be able to express their views on traceability and the origin of food products. Our goal is to accelerate the labeling law in line with the new provisions of the European Union”.

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