Partnership between Italy and Greece for olive oil and table olives

Olio Officina

SOURCE: CNO – New steps forward after the meeting of 23rd October in Athens between CNO (Consorzio Nazionale degli olivicoltori) members and some representatives of Greek cooperatives. The core of the discussion were common activities carried out by the partners within the frame of the EU Reg. 1220/11 project, with the objective of traceability certification for extra virgin olive oil and table olives according to the standard UNI EN ISO 22005:08, based on common specifications. These were defined after technical analysis and comparisons between the two Countries bearing in mind also the communication aspects. This cooperation has led to the certification of many production chains, both in Italy and Greece, for olive oil and table olives. “This project” says Gennaro Sicolo, president of CNO “is a good experience of cooperation and trust between the producers of the two countries which have always been recognized as leaders in the production of quality extra virgin olive oil. It has an important social value, which resulted in the increased efficiency of supply chains in terms of environmental protection and food safety. The creation of a single communication format based on quality and certified traceability”. Sicolo underlines “is a great tool to attract consumers and put them in direct contact with producers, increasing their knowledge and awareness. A strong communication action will continue to characterize our partnership”. The destinations chosen in this third project year were Hong Kong, New York and Tokyo.

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