Olio Turri’s blog, a happy exception

Very few oil producers run blogs. Turri's, with its minimalistic design, is both simple and elegant. It is also available in English: posts are published at regular intervals and dispatched through newsletters

Luigi Caricato

Olio Turri’s blog, a happy exception

Communicating on the internet is essential for business, but companies cannot limit themselves to their official website. It is also necessary to use a less formal and more direct language, perhaps by publishing an online, public diary through which they can testify their commitment and beliefs.

Being colloquial helps, but companies should be aware that running a blog requires great perseverance and a constancy that not everyone can guarantee. We have seen too many blogs that set out all guns blazing, but then slowly lost their drive, reducing at first the rate at which they released new contents, and then stopping completely. A big mistake.

The oil sector should learn to exploit the opportunities offered by blogging, but sadly it has often failed to do so more out of sheer laziness than lack of resources. This is a great pity, as well as a serious mistake. In this sense, Turri, a family enterprise set in Cavaion Veronese, northern Italy, have been more farsighted and professional, and therefore stand out in the otherwise desolate landscape of olive oil producers on the web. Once again, I would like to underline how sad this is, because the absence of a community of bloggers discussing oil-making is sorely felt.

The system used is the classic WordPress. The simple design is perfect for the topics dealt with. One feels at home, the atmosphere is easy-going and familiar. The blog is readable, functional and extremely practical. Its contents, deliberately light but informative, keep the readers updated with all that happens within the company walls, illustrating both the work carried out there and all other activities that they either organize or endorse in the environs of Lake Garda. There are often some very interesting posts on olive oil and the local cuisine, including recipes for traditional dishes made with ingredients that are typical of the Garda PDO region.

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