Italy claims anti-refill measures all over Europe

Olio Officina

Anti-refill measures to protect both quality and origin of oil in restaurants and inns? The obligation should be extended all over Europe. Agrinsieme comments positively on the regulation in the Community Law that comes into force just today: “The obligation of the cap “antirabbocco” for oils offered in restaurants and inns is a guarantee of quality, authenticity and transparency for the consumer – says the coordination between the CIA, and Confagricoltura Alliance of Agrifood Cooperatives. This measure puts an end to anonymous cruets or bottles, often filled with low quality oils instead of extra virgin oils”.

Agrinsieme has repeatedly asked in Brussels to support a Community text that would introduce the obligation for all Europe, but the lobby of merchants, through consumer countries, hampered the process and made sure that the choice for every member State was postponed. “Now that the rule is the law in Italy – continues Agrinsieme – we ask that this obligation is extended to the whole European Community.”

As to oil producers, the law caused concern both for stocks of oil bottles already purchased by restaurant or catering owners and for the sudden raising of the prices of caps to protect oil.


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