Spain promotes sustainable management of waste oils and fats

Olio Officina

Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment made a step forward in order to reduce the impact on the environment caused by waste from used cooking oils from the hotel, restaurant and catering sector and efficient models closure lifecycle of used cooking oils.

Yesterday the Director General of Quality and Environmental Assessment and Natural Environment, Guillermina Yanguas, signed infact a cooperation agreement with the Spanish Federation of Hospitality (FEHR) and Waste Management Association and By-products Oils and Fats groceries (GEREGRAS). Through this agreement, the signatory associations undertake to move towards greater sustainability in the management of waste edible oils and fats, making them a resource. The aim is to develop a good practice guide and facilitate relationships with waste managers, prepare a list of authorized companies and report illegal operators.

This agreement strengthens the collaboration between the Ministry and the more than 300,000 companies of restaurants, bars, coffee shops of the catering sector in Spain as well as with the industry in charge with the collection and efficient management of waste oils from the kitchens of all these establishments.

It also demonstrates the voluntary commitment to achieve environmental objectives of efficient use of resources contained in cooking oils, which “will go further than legally required in the current EU system.”

(Source: Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente)

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