Pinzimonio’s dish of friendship

Here is one quick and easy recipe, taken from cookbooks of Nicola Pantaleo's olive oil company located in Apulian Fasano, in Southern Italy. The ideal extra virgin olive oil to use? One with a medium intensity fruity taste, pleasantly bitter, spicy and harmonious.

Olio Officina

Pinzimonio’s dish of friendship

Ingredients for 4 people:

1 kg of mixed vegetables (fennel, artichokes, carrots, celery,etc.); 4 bowls containing plenty of Pantaleo extra-virgin olive oil; salt and pepper to taste.


Wash the vegetables thoroughly and place in a salad dish at the centre of the table. Give each person a bowl, and advise them to use the salt and pepper sparingly, to bring out the fragrance of the extra-virgin olive oil. Begin with the more delicate vegetables , and then move on to the tastier and more rustic ones, covering the vegetables with plenty of oil, because…

… because the pinzimonio is a feast to enjoy in good company and when the oil is excellent it should be enjoyed to the full and… in unlimited quantities !!!

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