Tomato and oil at the conquest of UK

Olio Officina

From this year the UK exceeds Germany and is the first European importer of Italian peeled tomato and pulp. In particular, the brand Cirio is the second brand of tomatoes in supermarkets, with a share of 5.7%, and one of 75% in weighted distribution. “In just one year, the share of Cirio sales has recorded a growth of + 32% (IRI data, comparing October 2014-October 2013) and is the product with the best sales performance in the category of preserves” explains Cesare Concilio, Director of foreign Trade Conserve Italia. A success due to the fact that the tomato is essential for almost all of the different ethnic cuisines in the UK and to the increase of homemade preparations, with greater attention to the origin and the quality of basic foods used for cooking.

In addition to the major supermarket chains, the so-called “big five” holding 65% of the market, the products of Conserve Italia are also on the shelves of traditional retailers. Thanks to an agreement signed with Booker, the first English wholesaler, Cirio markets “food service” formats for professionals, thus the total sales turnover in the UK forecasts about 14 million Euros.

Cirio tomato’s business is also linked with that of olive oil. The opening of the new office in London, next to the headquarters of the famous producer of olive oil Filippo Berio Salov group, leader of the UK market Italian olive oil with a share of 27%, allowed new collaborations. “The purpose is to plan important co-marketing or promotional activities – explains Sandra Sangiuolo, international marketing manager of Cirio. In fact, when oil and tomato pulp, together with the pasta categories flag of Italian food, are both in promotion, you get more attention from consumers and therefore higher sales”

(Source: Conserve Italia)

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