Pure Moresca and Verdese extra virgin oil

In Italy, in the Sicilian town of Noto, Felice Modica, owner of the Bufalefi olive mill, produces an oil from local cultivars that though not overly popular, give rise to a product of extraordinary quality.

Luigi Caricato

Pure Moresca and Verdese extra virgin oil

The farm of the Modica family extends over 300 hectares, mainly planted with vines and olive trees. Felice and his family have always paid the greatest attention to the variety specifications of the protected designation of origin quality scheme. They have therefore produced a “Monti Iblei” PDO oil using native olive cultivars growing in the “Val Tellaro” subzone. This oil is a blend of two olive varieties, namely Verdese and, to a greater extent, Moresca.

The following is a description of the oil: green with a tinge of golden yellow, the first notes perceived by the nose are grassy, not overly intense, which recall green olives, and there is a clear, lively scent of artichoke and tomato in particular.
The oil is smooth on the palate, has a good fluidity, and is elegant and sapid, overall harmonious, with a good balance of bitterness and piquancy.
The oil leaves a slight, but pleasant piquancy in the mouth, releasing notes of almond.

It is a versatile oil, best appreciated on green or seafood salads, drizzled over oven-baked fish and grilled white meats.

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