New steps towards climate agreement worldwide

Olio Officina

The roadmap to the 21st UN climate conference, in Paris (France) in December, was debated yesterday by MEPs, the Latvian Presidency and Commissioner Arias Cañete. The conference of parties (COP21) to the UN Convention on Climate Change aims to deliver a worldwide climate agreement to replace the Kyoto Protocol.

During the debate, MEPs emphasized the need to step up financing for climate mitigation and adaptation, and also EU diplomatic efforts to persuade the EU’s partners to commit themselves to ambitious climate mitigation efforts.

Many speakers called for a rapid strengthening of the European Emissions Trading Scheme, an aim for which legislation is currently being discussed in the Environment Committee.

Some speakers warned against the risk of “carbon leakage” – seeing Europe losing its industrial base to less environmentally-friendly countries.

Source: European Parliament

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