Selezione Primavera (Spring Selection)

The bottle is wrapped in gold foil, so as to protect the oil inside. This is typical of many oil companies in Liguria. In this case we have an extra virgin oil made by Ranieri, an ancient olive mill in Chiusanico, near Imperia

Luigi Caricato

Selezione Primavera (Spring Selection)

The oil is called “Selezione Primavera” (i.e. Spring Selection) and is produced by Raineri. This olive mill produces excellent oils, but the establishment itself deserves a visit. You would be made very welcome, so if you are ever in Liguria, in the environs of Sanremo, Imperia, don’t miss the opportunity to go there.

The company’s headquarters are in Chiusanico, and here you will find an ancient oil mill that has now been turned into a museum. There are many, interesting exhibits on display about which, you may rest assured, I will publish more in the near future.

The oil, i.e. “Selezione Primavera”.

It is golden yellow, with greenish tints, slightly opaque.

At first the nose detects fruity notes of medium-strength, then followed by a delicate scent of almonds, vegetables, meadow grasses.

The oil is soft to the palate, sweet at first, with harmoniously fruity notes. Endowed with good fluidity and elegance, it leaves a slight, bitter sensation in the mouth and a vegetable flavour of artichoke.
The almond note then returns at the end, together with a slight pungency.

Pairing? I would suggest the following: with spaghetti and anchovies, green or seafood salads, steamed shellfish. If you wish to stick to Liguria cuisine, I would recommend a dish typical of this area: prawns with purple Albenga artichoke. How about it?

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