Planet Olive

A sky with olive trees

How many of us have gazed up to the sky, looking for answers? Have you ever seen the clouds conversing with the branches of olive trees?

Luigi Caricato

A sky with olive trees

The picture above was taken in an area that is considered very far north for olive cultivation: Cardano, a town near Bolzano, Italy. These are the trees of vinedresser (and olive grower) Josephus Mayr. The rest of the photo gallery consists of pictures taken from every corner of the world, not only Italy, all of which depict olive trees against the sky.

This “Sky with olive trees” of mine is dedicated to all who love this plant and its fruit, cultivate it to make oil or table olives, and see in this tree the signs of our bond with the Divine.

These olive trees are consecrated to all the free spirits who consider this plant a symbol of justice and the industriousness of Man.

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