Salutaris Olive Oil

The Buonamici family has a farm in Fiesole, Tuscany, on the hills surrounding Florence. Their mission is to achieve quality, and the result of their work is an extra virgin olive oil with a high content of natural antioxidants and vitamin E

Luigi Caricato

Salutaris Olive Oil

Cesare and Cesara Buonamici never cease to surprise us. Their extra virgin bears all the hallmarks of Tuscan oils, which is to say that it possesses a great personality, and its typical, strong flavour and scent is extremely pleasant, but making good oil is not enough for them. Innovation runs in the family, and they therefore devised a way of raising the concentration of antioxidants in their oil.

In order to achieve this result, they installed an integrated control unit in their olive groves monitoring a number of environmental parameter. Their aim was to obtain an organic extra virgin olive oil with an outstanding nutritional value.

The bottle is sold in a box, on the sides of which are printed the details of the product in six different languages. Inside there is an information leaflet with the results of laboratory analyses, indicating that for many key aspect, this is truly a superb oil. Not only is the free acidity extremely low (only 0.16), but what really matters are the high levels of biophenols (558 mg/kg) and tocopherols (224 mg/kg), which justify the claim “oil with a high content of natural antioxidants and vitamin E”. There can be no doubts in this case, everything has been proved.

The oil has character, with clear, but well-balanced notes of bitterness and pungency. A hint of grassiness can be perceived, together with a vegetable flavour of artichoke, and more faintly, cardoon. In the mouth it is agreeably fluid and buttery. The nose detects the scent of fresh olives and green grass. The oil is deep green in colour, transparent, with light golden hues. The final note detected is a persistent pungency.

Buonamici, Fiesole, Florence – +39 055 654991 – info@buonamici.it – buonamici.it

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